The Testimony of Cypress Spring


Cypress has changed and evolved over the past few years from the beginning to where we are right now. When you listen to the new music you will hear the evolution and the change that is taking place.

A lot of that stemmed from 2 years before COVID, I got the opportunity to go full time with music, had two nation-wide tours lined up and quit my job. We were booking shows two years in advance. It was literally the highlight of my career and then COVID hit. Shortly after, the phone calls stopped coming in, the tours fell apart and we lost every show that we had on the books.

I had to go back to my day job and start living a normal lifestyle all over again. It hit pretty hard and was frustrating in the moment. Then one night, my wife and I were sitting in the house. Next thing I know we wound up at a revival at a church we don’t even go to. We were sitting there and it was one of those sermons where it felt like the preacher had watched your entire life so everything he says is hitting you like an uppercut.

Service ends and my wife and I walk up to the Alter for alter call and there was an Evangelist that wasn’t even from our area. He’s from about 10 states away and had no idea who me or my wife were. He started prophesying about music and ministry over me and my family.

I thought it was crazy. I was like definitely not this guy, i’ve been in the bars for the past 8 years so he definitely has the wrong person for this. After our conversation, my wife and I make it back to the house and start talking about getting back in church and living right.

There for a time after that I thought I was going to stop doing music. I even emailed the record label and we had a conversation. I told them that I want to do Christian music. I was signed with Average Joes Entertainment, a secular label, so I thought there was no way I would be able to do faith-based Christian music. I just thank God that they are some of the most supportive people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. They were behind me 100% and it was a great feeling.

With all that being said, now I have the opportunity to continue doing music and spend more time with my family. At the same time I get stand strong in my faith and put what i’m practicing and what i believe in into the music.

If I could say one last thing, If you are trying to live a more positive, Christian, or spiritual life – whatever you’d like to call it – what makes it hardest to stay on path are the opinions of others. Especially from the Church – I go to church every Sunday – I can tell you the opinions of people in the church are among some of the most judgmental opinions you will ever encounter. It took me a long time to be able to soak that in and still walk in church looking the way that I do.

You just have to forget about all that, you don’t go to church for anybody other than you, God and your family. If you are thinking about getting into church, trying to do better, or anything like that don’t let the opinions of others become a stumbling block. You are going to have that your entire life. So put those type of people out of your mind and just praise Jesus.

I hope that you all enjoy this next chapter and I can’t wait to see y’all on the road. GOD BLESS!


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