Kalan Miller takes the helm of Cypress Spring with debut Christian Rap single, “Rebel Reborn.” Miller transforms Cypress Spring in a baptismal way taking Cypress from the mud to the blood, Saturday nights to Sunday Mornings, and from the field parties to the Church-house. Cypress Spring is making his own light from “the Southside of Heaven” and spreading the love and word of God.
Native of the tiny Florida panhandle town of Vernon (population 800), Cypress has always been grounded in hard work, family, patriotism and God. Initially starting out with two other members, Tyler Ackerman and Paul Roche, the group has always had a swaggering mix of country soul, hard-rock energy and hip-hop attitude. Fans first discovered Cypress Spring when “Denim” – the title track to the 2015 album debut – was featured on the CMT reality series Party Down South … and since then the milestones have flown by.
With a reputation for authenticity, Cypress Spring has built a loyal following of over 300,000 fans on social media, earning more than 150 million digital radio streams to date. Their heroes have taken notice, with game changing country artists like Colt Ford and The LACS joining the team and helping the “Way of Life” video rack up nearly 40 million YouTube views.
As one of the most diverse artists in the country-rap game, Cypress Spring has already turned heads in this fast-growing genre – but he’s just getting started. Cypress is the “Rebel Reborn” in his upcoming Christian-Country Rap single [June 3rd] telling his testimony and how he “found the lord and reinvented himself” not just for himself, but for his family.
“The passion that I put into my music reflects big time on the way I live every day,” Miller explains. “I work, I still hunt, fish and mud but my priorities are a little bit different now. I have a family of my own. I want to lead by example and be proud of my relationship with God and make that the focus of not only my life but the message I am sharing with the world.”