Pre-Order Mud Digger 11 Featuring Cypress Spring

“Mud Digger 11,” the newest volume in Average Joes’ best-selling Mud Digger compilation series, kicks the party up a notch with its “rap-meets-country and beer-meets-booze” attitude. Ripe for summertime fun, this 12-track offering is set for release July 17th.

This latest installment features the hottest collection of field party anthems and backyard jams released yet! The trendy duo, Cypress Spring, contributes with their bangin’ song “Echo.”

Pre-Order Mud Digger 11 HERE

Track List:

1. Muddy Mess – Bubba Sparxxx (feat. Demun Jones)

2. Echo – Cypress Spring

3. Rockin’ It – Shelbykay (feat. Long Cut)

4. Dead End Party – Lenny Cooper

5. Better Than Yours – Colt Ford (feat. Josh Mirenda)

6. Throwdown – Tommy Chayne

7. Dirty Minded – Sarah Ross

8. Bottled Up – Charlie Farley

9. Dirty It Up – Sam Grow (feat. Colt Ford)

10. Mind Your Business – J Rosevelt

11. Doing Work – Long Cut

12. Right Here – DJ Cannon Banyon (feat. Chris Ewing and Shamu the Panda)

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