Cypress Spring on Mud Digger 7

Get Cypress Spring's “Drop A Tailgate”  on the new Mud Digger CD! Available now at Walmart!  ​ Also featuring songs from your favorite Average Joes including Lenny Cooper's “Duramax (Remix) [feat. Moonshine Bandits & Young Gunner),” newcomer, Tommy Chayne's “Booze Cruise,” and more!      TRACKLISTING 1. Colt Ford – Crank It Up (Live) 2. […]

Way Of Life Hits 3 Million Views

Cypress Spring's debut music video “Way Of Life”has hit 3 Million Views! Thank you fans! Watch the thank you video HERE!

Cypress Spring – Way Of Life Lyrics

Cypress Spring – Way Of Life (feat. The Lacs and Danny Boone) [Lyrics] Rowdy as they come, proud of where we from. It might be the middle of no where to some. But they ain't gotta like it and we don't give a damn. Cause we ain't gonna change round here it's the way of life. […]

Cypress Spring – Drop A Tailgate Lyrics

Cypress Spring – Drop A Tailgate (Lyrics) Back road living, moonshine sipping. Four wheel drive with a bad chick in it. Take an old dirt road turn the radio up. lock in the four wheel drive and try to get stuck. we just some good ol boy gettin down out here. So if you're bout […]

Cypress Spring Viewing Party!

Cypress Spring is launching their brand new music video“Drop A Tailgate” RIGHT NOW!!  Fill out the information below to get INSTANT ACCESS to the YouTube viewing party!  PLUS, live chat with the boys from Cypress Spring in the comment section! Fill out my Wufoo form!