The country-rap trio that brought you the smash hit, “Way of Life (feat. The LACS and Danny Boone),” is back with their long-awaited album, “American White Trash.” The 13-track album includes a wide array of songs that loudly proclaim themes of patriotism, hard work, God and family. From the high-energy songs like “Let’s Ride” and “Muddy” to the powerful “Needle Junkie” and “Whiskey’s Always Strong,” Cypress Spring brings a unique sound that will work for every fan. The album is available now on all digital outlets!

Download the album HERE.


1.) America

2.) White Trash

3.) Needle Junkie

4.) Higher

5.) Heaven’s Got a Dirt Road

6.) The Other Half

7.) Whiskey’s Always Strong

8.) Homemade (feat. Devin Burris)

9.) Bird Dawgin’

10.) Let’s Ride

11.) Muddy

12.) Anybody Out There (feat. Chase Cummings)

13.) Whiskey’s Always Strong (Acoustic)

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