The country-rap trio that brought you the smash hit, “Way of Life,” is back with a long-awaited album, “American White Trash.” 
The 12-track collection features their singles, “America” and “White Trash,” plus an original tune from Kalan Miller himself, “Whiskey’s Always Strong,” which you will receive instantly upon pre-order on iTunes.  The album includes a wide variety of tracks that span over high energy songs like “Let’s Ride” to the powerful “Needle Junkie.” While each song varies in tone, they all circle back to one theme. The album is set to release on October 12, 2018.

You can pre-order the album today HERE.


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1.) America

2.) White Trash

3.) Needle Junkie

4.) Higher

5.) Heaven’s Got a Dirt Road

6.) The Other Half

7.) Whiskey’s Always Strong

8.) Homemade (feat. Devin Burris)

9.) Bird Dawgin’

10.) Let’s Ride

11.) Muddy

12.) Anybody Out There (feat. Chase Cummings)

13.) Whiskey’s Always Strong (Acoustic)

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